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Why You Should Hire a Writing and Publishing Coach

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There is SO much information out there about becoming an author, and it can be mind-boggling and overwhelming. There are so many things to learn about from establishing your LinkedIn profile, reading multiple books about publishing, marketing on Instagram, taking the next upcoming course, joining Periscope, making YouTube videos…

Just thinking about all that nonsense gives me a headache! And most of it is nonsense.

What if there was someone who could hold your hand through your publishing process and tell you what most important steps you need to take, cutting out the excess stuff that only causes stress?

Is reading that next book on your list or taking another course on publishing Kindle eBooks holding you back from your full potential?

Learning as much as you can about writing and publishing eBooks can definitely be a good thing, but there comes a point when you can become so consumed with learning that you put accomplishing your goals on the back burner.

In the long run, that can cost you a lot of time and money.

Wait, what? you might be thinking. I thought I was supposed to learn everything there is to know about writing books.

If you spend all your time reading books about writing and publishing books, you might never get around to actually doing what you really want to do.

You might even have imposter syndrome, constantly feeling like you can’t move forward or even get started unless you keep spending your time, energy, and money learning instead of working.

Sometimes learning can even become addictive. For example, if you want to write a book, you might feel like you have to buy every course you come across that is about writing and publishing books. You can study how to outline your book, evaluate different writing styles, and spend days researching your topic. Then, if you finally do publish it, you can spend months trying to learn more about the best ways to market your book, spending all your royalties on advertising.

What if, instead of fumbling your way through, you hired someone who has published multiple successful books to show you exactly what they did to make a full-time income? What if you took all the money you would have spent on time-consuming courses and put it towards hiring a coach?

There will always be another course to buy, another book to read, or another strategy to try.

If you use learning as an excuse to procrastinate, you will never accomplish your goal.

What you really need more than anything else is a specific road map tailored to you. Instead of focusing on learning multiple things you don’t actually need to know, figure out what specific steps you need to take to accomplish your goal.

Once you hyper-focus on your goal, you will finally get closer to accomplishing what you want to do.

The best way to accelerate this process, and not waste months or years trying to figure out what actions you need to take, is to hire a coach or a mentor.

So you want to become a bestselling author? I have been where you are and I could help you avoid making the same mistakes I did. I’ve been there and done that! I can show you exactly what steps I took to become a multi-bestselling author and then figure out what steps you need to take to also become a bestselling author.

A coach or mentor can give you the exact map you need to follow to get where you want to go and cut out all the other things you’ve been doing that only cause you stress and set you back.

I could be that coach. I want to help you achieve your dreams!

What could publishing a book (or multiple books) mean for you personally or your business? Maybe your ultimate goal is…

  • Becoming a bestselling author
  • Passive income
  • Leaving behind a legacy
  • Quitting your job
  • Finally finishing and publishing your passion project
  • Sharing a story with the world that you know will help others
  • Teaching others helpful information
  • Working from anywhere in the world
  • Traveling more
  • Making some extra money on the side or while staying home with your kids

Hiring a mentor or coach may seem like a huge investment up front, but in the long run it will save you months or years of frustration and you will become published and successful so much faster.

For example, it may seem like a lot of money when you buy a car, but it will save you endless hours of walking and will get you from point A to point B tremendously faster than if you walked. You can use this car to go to your job, and before you know it, you’ve made back your investment on your car ten times over.

If you want to finally accomplish your goal of publishing a book and set aside some money now to pay for a coach, it will save you a lot more money long-term, and you will take the accelerated route to success.

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