Fearless Publishing House

So you want to become a bestselling author? Maybe it’s a lifelong dream, or you want to use a book to establish yourself as an expert in your career, leveraging your business by putting yourself lightyears ahead of your competition.

Let’s make it happen! I would love to publish your book with you. You keep all the rights and all your royalties for the rest of your life (most publishers let authors only keep a small percentage and you’d have to give an agent a percentage on top of that).

We will handle everything from editing to launching, publishing, and marketing, but you will be involved in the process (like choosing your own cover, etc.) and learn the process as we go.

We have flexible guidelines and will consider any book as long as it is clean, wholesome, and well-written.

If your book fits these guidelines or you have not written a book yet and want our help, please click here to book a strategy session, then you will receive instructions on how to submit your book if you have one.

Either way, check out my webinar here: How to Write and Publish a Successful Book in 1-3 Months.

There is no agent required for Fearless Publishing House, no waiting for months to hear whether or not your book is accepted, no splitting up royalties with your publisher and signing away the rights to your book.

I have a team of excellent editors with great attention to detail who will turn your book into a professional, polished, outstanding masterpiece.

I offer coaching and publishing services in outlining, writing, designing, publishing to KDP, launching, and marketing self-published eBooks, also most other writing and self-publishing related topics such as building your audience.

I wrote many of my twelve books (the rest are coming soon!) in two months or fewer, and I could help you write your book very quickly as well, and even help you make it a bestseller if it is written well.

Are you ready to publish your eBook? I’d love to help you! I have a whole team of experts who do whatever you need, from editing to formatting to book cover design. My eBook publishing services are the complete package and include:

  • Coaching
  • Setting up Mailchimp
  • Building your email list
  • Setting up your website
  • Designing and installing your pop up form
  • Outlining and writing help
  • Helping you “speak” your book instead of writing it
  • Helping you write your book
  • Transcription
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Formatting
  • Cover design help
  • Publishing to KDP on Amazon
  • Writing a gripping book description
  • Finding the perfect keywords and categories for maximum exposure
  • Launching the eBook
  • Marketing packages (all marketing includes screen shots as proof of the work)
  • Submitting to 60+ top eBook sites for you
  • Submitting to 70+ top eBook Facebook groups for you
  • Getting reviews
  • Getting editorial reviews
  • Teaching you how to keep sales up
  • Helping you get local book signings
  • Helping you get on your local news
  • Amazon ads help
  • Creating paperback books to sell on Amazon, put in local book stores and libraries, and give to clients and friends
  • And much more!

Fearless Publishing House may be the right choice for you if:

  • You don’t want to spend a lot of time and money figuring out how to make your book a bestseller
  • You want to take accelerated route on the journey to bestseller status
  • You want someone to publish your book with you while you keep all the rights and royalties
  • You want complete control over your work while having someone to help you through the publishing process
  • You need help writing or marketing your book
  • You want coaching on writing, marketing and publishing
  • Or you may want a complete done-for-you publishing and marketing package

We can customize a marketing plan for your book. For example, let me tell you about the The Expert eBook Marketing Package. I can have my expert marketing team post your book on

  • 60 of the top free eBook sites
  • 70 of the top free eBook Facebook groups
  • A very popular eBook blog and promote it to its top-quality email list (this alone should result in a few hundred downloads)
  • The Book of the Month Club Blog (as seen on Goodreads and NPR Books) and on its app for 7 days to an audience of over 30,000 active readers

This package will save you a lot of time. This one delivers tons of value, will save you hours of work, and get you results. This is part of the marketing plan I use whenever I do a free eBook promotion, and it helps get my books to the Top 100 Free Kindle eBooks on all of Amazon, which in turn sells more books once the price goes back up.

We will send you screenshots as proof of the sites and groups we submitted to so you can rest assured that your book has been promoted well.

I recommend ordering this package (or even a more advanced one) occasionally or book it every 90 days to be done during your book’s KDP Free Promo to keep sales up. This is just one of the ways we can help you market your book.

For another example, this more advanced type of marketing package could be used when launching an eBook:

  • Finding the perfect keywords and categories for maximum exposure (this alone will bring you more traffic)
  • I will show you how to set up Amazon ads that you can run continuously, stop, or change
  • I will write a press release for your book which can help you get on your local news and create buzz (highly recommended because this sends out your press release to 1,000+ news platforms nationwide and about 300 sites will publish your article on average)

PLUS the following marketing plan:

Submit to 60 top free eBook sites

Target readers that are passionate about your book’s specific genre. Your book posting is permanent, helping you rank over time. Promotion sites to pick from:

  • Christian (12K subs)
  • Children (6K subs)
  • Fiction (fantasy, science fiction, suspense, etc) (22K subs)
  • Romance (18K subs)
  • Health (diet, medical, etc) (6K subs)
  • Nonfiction (business, self-help, memoirs, etc) (16k subs)

Market your eBook on a site that has over 4800+ active readers. (I use this promotion every month for my own eBooks.)

Promotion to over 50 million mostly USA book lovers through email marketing (over 60 screenshots sent as proof) Promotion to 50 million readers: 20 more FB groups and 20 Google Plus communities

Promote your eBook to 45,000 book lovers

  • Once your page has been created, we send you the link.
  • We also post it to 6K Pinterest followers
  • 4 Day Twitter Blast
  • On completion of your Kindle book marketing campaign we’ll give you the visitor traffic stats for your page plus the tweets used.

Email marketing for free or 99 cent eBooks

  • Newsletters go out three times per week
  • Solo spots go out every day
  • It is an organic and engaged list with tons of readers
  • Spots are limited, you won’t be in a sea of hundreds of books
  • The readers love a good deal and are one-click wonders on free and 99 cent books
  • Your book will be featured in the Top Three books in the newsletter


If you’re interested, just go directly to my calendar here: http://meetme.so/AshleyEmma to book a free strategy session with me, then you will be directed to a questionnaire and further instructions.

On the call, I’ll see if I can help you and if we’d be a good fit, then you can decide if you’d like to move forward with me. My coaching and publishing services could save you years of trial and error so you can achieve your goals so much faster.  

Whichever you decide, I wish you the best on your publishing journey!